How to clean your wig

As we promised the last time, now we are going to talk how to wash your wig and make it last longer. Wigs are the most important accessory to finish up your look, of course with makeup you will make it perfect. As you already know wigs and hairpieces are expensive (if you want it to look real) and therefore you need to take a good care about your wig. A beautiful head of hair is essential for the ultimate finish for every crossdresser, so regular cleaning will ensure you to spend many happy years with your wig.

You can wear your wig 6-8 times before you need to clean it, but remember that hairpieces are different to natural hair and you have to use different shampoos and special treatments. So, let's do one thing at the time.

First of all, you need to give your wig a gentle brushing, starting from the ends towards the scalp. And make sure that you are using a special wire wig brush, because normal hair brushes will create too much tension which can break the fibers. 

When you are washing your wig, the best thing is to use a wig shampoo, but if you can't get it, use a small amount of baby shampoo. With the hair free to knots you can immerse your wig into a basin filled with cool water and one cup full of wig wash.Then gently swish it in basin and you need to swish it for about 30 seconds and after that you can leave it to soak up for a minute or two and then give it a rinse with fresh cool water. 

Once you're done with that, lift your wig out of the water and gently squeeze the water out of the hairpiece. If you want your wig to be all shiny you can apply some wig conditioner, but be careful to read the instructions for your particular brand, because some need to be washed out.

If your wig is curly and you want to keep the curls in place, pick up each curl and gently squeeze excess water out over your finger. Traditional ways of drying hair are not suitable for synthetic wigs, because hairdryers will melt the delicate fibers. 
Once dry, your wig can be restyled to be ready for your next wearing.

Why do man like crossdressing?

We did a little research why do man like to crossdress. There are a lot of reasons why do man crossdress, you might be surprised at some of the reasons but none the less it goes to show the complexity of the reasons behind why men like to crossdress. Sometimes, families and friends of those who crossdress assume that men who crossdress are gay or don't enjoy being a man. So, we are giving you a list of reasons why do man like to crossdress:

– I feel good when I wear women clothes and I love the way I suddenly feel sexy when I'm wearing it, especially stockings and high heels and I enjoy feeling feminine.

– I love the feeling of wearing women clothes and the way it makes me feel sexy.

– I am totally addicted to it! I first started out of curiosity and tried some pantyhose. Then I tried on some heels with them and it progressed from there. Now, I am fully dressed and I get so much satisfaction out of it.

– Hmm… Well, I do it because of sexual excitement.

–  It's comfortable for me when I am in the women's clothes. I feel relaxed and love the lingerie.

– That makes me feel good and turned on. It's a great feeling!

–  Well, I feel totally normal dressed as a woman. I would rather do female activities than male activities. It's just who I am!

– It's a very hard question. I have a very masculine line of work and I'm in charge of much with lots of demands on my time and skill daily. I think it helps me to release all the energy I have hidden in myself. Don't get me wrong, I like dressing manly, but I also like the feeling and the look of some fine lingerie and fetish attire. It's such a turn on.

– I wear panties 24/7 even in my mail clothes. It makes me feel girly and sexy.

– It's just something that I do when I'm depressed or stressed. I put some makeup on, dress up as a girl and I feel beautiful and powerful then and it helps me to stay calm. I am then ready and able to confront and overcome any trouble in my life. 

-OOh,…,. I love crossdressing it makes me feel good and relaxed! I love the feeling of being soft and cuddly as well as being kind and considerate. I feel sexy and nice. 

– Well, I'm not sure. I just know that I have a need to crossdress and when I do that I feel excited. 

– Crossdressing is the best turn on! I'm not gay but I must say that it's so sexy!

– Wearing skirts and makeup on is the best part of crossdressing for me! I enjoy in the style and feeling of the clothes.  I often wished that I was born as a woman. 

These are some of the reasons why do man crossdress. If you are a man and you like crossdressing, share with us your own reasons and join our community.

How to apply a wig

The wig is the ultimate accessory that will make or break your look and outfit. First of all you need to know how to put it on correctly, because wigs could be tricky if you are not used to putting them. So, we are going to give you a couple of tips on how to apply it properly and how to maintain your wig

Before you put your wig on, lay it hair down on the table with the label at the back closest you, grip the front of the wig with your thumb on the inside and pick it up.

If your hair is long, you can separate the hair into two pieces and twist and clip them across the top. And if your hair is shorter, then it can simply be combed and clipped to the crown of the head or placed into a bun at the base of your neck. You can also braid your hair before you apply your wig. 
After that, put the wig on your head from front to back. There are two tabs on each side of the wig and you should position the right in front of your ears. 

If you are having some sort of problems, for example if you have a fringe or side fringe and you cannot get a wig cap, you can try to wear a small hair band to keep your hair from showing under your wig.
If you are wearing a lot of makeup with the wig, make sure that you put on the makeup before the wig (it might get on the wig).

It's really important to make sure that you take a good care about your wig. You can give it a simple boost with a gentle sprucing with a wire wig bush or even just your fingers. It's really important not to use normal hair brushes because they cause high tension that will break the fibers. Placing two crossed pins at the front of your wig can keep it steady and free from unexpected movement.

And when you want to remove your wig, it's just simple reverse of the above, remove any pins and gently remove from the back to the front. The best place to keep your wig is on wig head, but only if you can buy it. And you can wear 6-8 times your wig, before you have to wash it.

Most wigs have a style that is created with their manufacture, but you can have them cut and styled to suit your face and personality. 

Next time we will explain how to wash and dry your wig in order to provide it a long life and beautiful shine.

Few tips on how to be more feminine

If you are trying to get in touch with your more feminine side, you would probably want to read this article. If you want to become more feminine, here are couples of tips on how to cultivate that:

Worship every inch of your body –  Embrace your female form, and take a good care about your body (because part of loving your body is to take a good care about it, be fit, but most importantly be healthy). You don't have to look like a catwalk model, but keep your shape the best way you can.

Dancing will make you feel like a real woman. Through dance you will find your ways to emphasize your femininity. Let the rhythm lead you and you will be more relaxed and you will eventually start feeling like dancing is an extension of your body. And dancing will make you feel sexy and like you can do anything.

Wear stylish but comfortable feminine clothes. Whatever you choose to wear make yourself feel good in it. Your clothes don't necessarily need to be expensive, you can find something that can be lower price and still look good.

Put some makeup on. You can do this or not, whatever makes you feel good about yourself. But if you like to make up a little-do it. For a start you can use neutral eye shadows, a lipstick or even put some mascara on, if you like.

Self-confidence is the most important thing! When you feel good in your clothes; when you like what you see in the mirror; when you walk proudly that's the most important thing! That will make you more feminine mentally and physically and it will make you more independent. Loving yourself is the key of self-confidence.

You can be feminine in one way, such as you like getting your nails done or doing make up, but masculine in another, because you like playing or watching sports. It doesn't have to mean weakness! 
So, chin up, neck long, shoulders back, chest out, abs tight, pelvis forward, buttocks tight and let's vogue! 

Cross dressers and those who have similarities with them

There are several distinctive behavior patterns that are connected with cross dressing: Cross dressers, transsexuals, female impersonators, drag queens, and others, but they all have a different motivations and approaches to cross dressing and they all get a different form of satisfaction from cross dressing. Cross dressers may or may not have all the characteristic of these personalities, but let's explain a bit what cross dressing is and what it isn't.

Cross dressers are the people who dress in clothing normally reserved for the opposite sex; cross dressers are in touch with both, the masculine and feminine sides of their personalities.

Transsexuals are people who feel captured and trapped in the body of the opposite sex and though the transsexual doesn't consider it so. Male to female transsexuals believe deeply that they are actually females. They are seeking for sex-reassignment surgery to correct what they consider to be there by mistake, and appears] never to get beyond the erotic attachment to certain garments. Most people see this pre – operative behavior as cross dressing.   
Transsexuals would like to change their sex, but unlike them cross dressers can sometimes fantasize what it would be like to be female, they don't have a desire to change their sex…  

Drag queens as well as female impersonators are the most visible types of cross dressers. Female impersonators are men who develop their cross dressing and femme – manner into a performing art (performing impressions of classic performers, such as Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe etc). Drag queens are usually gay or they could be bisexual males. Drag queens are interested in finding sex or making a living like the drag prostitute or female impersonator. 

Fetishist are cross dressers with an erotic attachment to some article of women clothing. They can sense powerful erotic feelings when they are holding or wearing or smelling such items. Sometimes the line between cross dressing and fetishism is unclear, because a cross dresser can start with one or two articles of women's clothing and his desire for it can grow even more. Fetishist seems to be arrested in his development and it appears like he never gets beyond the erotic attachment to certain garments. 
The difference between fetishist and cross dressers is that cross dressers cultivate a complete feminine image, with makeup, clothes, wig, padding hips and breasts and even a girly name.

Of course, there are gay and bisexual cross dressers, but the vast majority of cross dressers are heterosexual, which can surprise many gay people.

Crossdressing makeup tips

If your goal is to pass as a woman, we can offer you a few tips which will help you to learn the basics, and later on, it's going to become your routine, so here you go a couple of tips how to put a makeup on.

#1. Wash and clean your face. Every time before you put makeup on your face, you should make sure that your skin is clean and fresh. Be gentle and don't rub your face. Try using a good cleanser and rinse well to remove it all and then apply a toner to refresh your skin after washing. Makeup works best on a clean face, so this should definitely be your step number 1.

#2. Shave! Try using a good quality razor and you should shave as close as possible, but be careful to avoid nicking your skin. A good tip which will make your skin softer is a hot shower, but you can also wrap a hot towel around your face for the best results. Don't forget to shave in the opposite direction, which will insure that you get the closest shave possible. You should wait at least 5-10 minutes after shaving to apply makeup, because your skin needs time to recover from the razor.

#3. Set the foundation. Choose a foundation that closely matches your skin tone. If you are using a liquid foundation, apply it to your hands and spread it to your face that way. Apply concealer under your eyes and around your nose. And don't forget to apply beard cover over your neck area and face.

#4.Light up your eyes. You should start with eye liner, then clean up your eye brows, filling in any holes and finally apply eye shadow and mascara. It's good when you are using three colors of eye shadows. For example , black at the bottom, grey in a middle and white on the top.

#5. Blush. Let your cheeks bloom. Put the blush on your brush, tapping off any excess or put a dab of gel on your fingers. You can look into the mirror and smile. This helps you figure out where the "apple" of your cheek is.

#6. Silky, shiny and vibrant. Put a lip – gloss on and bring your lips to a gorgeous shimmer and you're done.

How to tell your wife/girlfriend that you are a cross dresser?

It's hard when your partner doesn't know you entirely. When your other half finds out about you cross dressing, she will think that she has somehow failed in your relationship. You must prove her wrong. The next step will be a denial and she will try to change you and to "cure" you. You have to reassure her that your need to cross dress isn't related to her ability to be a good wife/partner.

Be honest with her. It's not easy to be honest with others especially when you are a cross dresser, because it often brings a lot of shame or denial. Tell her how you feel and have a serious heart to heart conversation with her. Make her realize how exactly you feel about cross dressing and how that fulfils you. She will most likely feel pretty strange and uncomfortable with that. She will not find this very macho (because in society the male is the symbol of everything macho).

Be patient. Every man expects form his women to be supportive and to give him her unconditional love. And you want her to experience the good and the bad things in life with you. You should expect a negative reaction, because you don't hear ever day that your man wants to cross dress. But, that doesn't mean she should think any less of you. Give her some time to adjust. She should be there to love you and to support you. 

See her point of view. At the same time as you are explaining to her why you like doing that, you should try and see where she's coming from too. Be very honest and say everything you think it might be important. She will be angry and upset and you have to be calmed.

Don't lie to her. If you lose her trust it will be worse for you. She needs someone to talk to about that. You need to help her understand you and your feelings.  

Make some sort of compromise. This is how you will be able to work out your differences. It won't be easy, but if she loves you as much as she says, she will find a way in her heart to accept that. Both of you can learn from each other. Whatever works in the relationship, let it work.

New in cross dressing? Fit in your skin!

Some people cross dress 

as a matter of comfort or style, but some of them in that see a way to express them! If you are a man and you feel comfortable wearing dresses and high heels, or if you are a woman, who enjoys wearing men costumes and suits don't let anyone tell you that your clothing style is wrong. That's not something that you should be ashamed of, as long as you feel good in what you wear. When we wear something in which we feel good, we are confident and willing to do whatever comes to our mind.

How to begin?

When you first start feeling that sparkling energy when you wear the clothes of the opposite sex, don't be afraid how people
will  react. Don't be shy about this change in style
and move in stages. Start with something simple, like if you are a man try women's jeans and tops and if you are a girl, try wearing smarter trousers and shirts.when you are in the beginning you can't find yourself anywhere completely. If you are worried how will that all turn out to be, try to go step by step, wearing subtle clothing choices and rise up to wearing things you feel more daring.

Cross Over!

Start by involving others into your new lifestyle. Maybe there are more people from your environment who like cross dressing! You can ask them about their experience. Don't be shy among your friends, they will be there to support you and make you feel comfortable. Ask them to borrow you their clothes just to check if you are really happier with that clothes on, before you go and by a new wardrobe. Don't feel abnormal, there is nothing to be ashamed of, you don't have to hide what you want to be. You don't have to force yourself to be the stereotype as well! Enjoy yourself and wear only what you like, just because you are cross dressing it doesn't mean that you have to wear everything from" the list"! If you don't feel like cross dressing every day, don't do it. 

If you are a guy and you want to dress like a woman, start your makeover with a shopping. Go and by some girly things you always wanted to have and wear. Buy inevitable high heels, a matching purse, make – up that suits your skin tone. Oh and don't forget false eyelashes and to get your ears pierced! If you are a girl, try what's best for you, man suits or some baggy clothes.

People change, and if you decide after a while that cross dressing isn't your thing, don't feel like you have to stay that way, because people will think badly of you. You may feel one way for many years then change, and its normal. It's just a fact of life. Be satisfied with your appearance and wear it proudly!

5 Awesome cross dressing tips for guys!

Don't you just enjoy in wearing women's clothes? If you are a man and you wish to dress like a woman, you have to know what looks good on a woman won't necessarily look good on man! So, here are 5 awesome cross dressing tips, which will make you more girly:

1. Wear clothes that fit your body. When it comes to the clothing, between men and women there are obvious differences, one of them is that women have breasts and men don't. Blouses and tops made for the ladies are made so that they can fit breasts into them. But, there is a way to fix that problem. Purchase a bra that looks and feels like it has real breasts in it, and you will be able to by clothes anywhere. Oh, and stay away from turtleneck or square necklines, which will make your strong jaw more visible. Try wearing rounded necklines to create a flattering frame for your face. When it comes to wearing high heels, it's hard for some women to do, not just for a man. If you really want to be able to wear high heels, you're going to need a lot of practice. Try walking in them at home, before you go out in public, you don't want to fall down, don't you?

2. Hairstyle from Heaven! Find your perfect hairstyle which will make your hair to flatter your face by creating a balance. Try wigs with gentle waves that flow over the harsh angles of your face and avoid strait hair which will make you more manlier. Find a hair color which will go perfectly with your skin tone and with the color of your eyes. Curly hair is always in, so you can never make a mistake with that. The only thing is that you have to pay your attention that your hair style matches your face and you'll be safe.

3. Make-up tricks. It's difficult to find a combination that suits your face and not just for men. Ladies have problems with that too. It can be sometimes hard for men to be able to apply make-up on their faces correctly, in their very beginning. It's not enough to see a woman whose makeup is just perfect and to copy it. A good thing would be to ask a professional make up artist to help you out in finding the best makeup for you. They will show you which colors and tints are good for you and to show you how to properly make-up in accordance with your face shape and eye color. But we can tell you one thing: Sweep a little bronze or brownish-toned blush across jaw line and chin, so you will create a shadow effect which makes strong features appear to recede.

4. Accessorize yourself to perfection! Accessories that we have are very important like the clothes we wear, or the makeup that we have on our face. For example, hanging earrings will make your round face elongated; earrings in the shape of a circle will round up your sharp and blocky face. Rich necklaces will make your chest less bony, scarves will reduce the length of your neck. Rings and bracelets are always welcome in creating a recognizable image. Having a bag that matches your shoes and your belt ( if you wear one) is "a must"!

5. Strike a pose! It's not enough just to put all of that clothes on yourself. If you don't feel good in what you wear, you will not be achieved completely. The most important is a sense of security and a sense that it feels good to have all of that on yourself. Self confidence is something that will do half of the work for you. So, when you dress up the way you wanted, when you put all of that makeup on and jewelry, do not forget to "dress up"  with self confidence, and you're ready to go!

Relationship Tips for Crossdresser’s

Being a crossdresser is a lifestyle all on its own, and for those of you who are crossdresser’s, finding love is not necessarily difficult, but you can’t simply go out and date any person you see on the street. Looking for women who love crossdresser’s is simple with the flowing tips listed below. You deserve someone who is going to love you for who you are, so get yourself ready for a night on the town and follow the following tips below to find love.

Skip the Dating Sites

Skip those online personals that are catered to the entire country as opposed to your local area. While they can be effective, it’s always better to meet someone in person. Being in front of your potential partner can add to the moment, and can really get sparks going. Imagine sitting in front of her, and seeing the way she looks at you.

Check out the Personals Catered to Crossdresser’s

Personals are a great place to meet women looking for a crossdresser partner. The single women here are serious, and are looking for love. Why waste time going to bars and clubs in hopes of finding someone? Personals take the guess work out of finding your perfect partner and soul mate. In fact, there have been many relationships that grow from personals as well as chat rooms and forums. If you are feeling a bit shy, you can start joining chat rooms and forums and develop a relationship with someone and take it from there.

Costume Parties

Costume parties are great for getting all dolled up in women’s clothes and you can show your true self at a costume party. Women who are looking for a crossdresser partner come to them as well and this means you are only going to meet women who want a corssdresser soul mate. Relax and be yourself here and you are sure to find love in all the right places.

Make Your Own Cross Dresser loving Woman

This is the best way to find love. Simply date as many women as you can and don’t hint in any way that you are a crossdresser. As soon as you and your partner have connected on a level where it’s going to last, reveal to her that you are a crossdresser. For the most part, women who like crossdresser’s don’t realize that they are straight men. They also don’t even know that they like them until they are with one. She will learn that you are just as straight as the next man, and the only difference is you like dressing in women’s clothes.
When it comes to meeting a woman who loves crossdresser’s trying to find where to go can drive some people nuts. But the good news is that you can go to normal places. No need to go to specialist places that cater to only crossdresser’s. There are several women out there who admire crossdresser’s and are searching for them just as much as you are searching for them.
Taking that first move can be scary at first, but look at you? You’re beautiful and handsome, and what woman wouldn’t want to be with you? Take  the first step to finding love, and you are certainly on your way to finding your life long soul mate.